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About the company

Golsta is a dynamic force in the automotive spare parts industry, distinguishing itself as a versatile provider catering to both retail and wholesale needs while maintaining a robust worldwide supply chain. As a go-to destination for individual customers and businesses alike, Golsta offers a diverse range of high-quality components, from essential engine parts to intricate accessories, ensuring a comprehensive solution for every automotive requirement. The company's commitment to excellence extends globally through its expansive supply chain, enabling seamless retail and wholesale operations on an international scale.

NEXUS Automotive
International SA member

NEXUS Automotive International SA (N!) is an a growth accelerator for progressive companies in the automotive industry. Launched in February 2014 with an EU footprint and headquarters in Geneva, its founding partners consist of 25 shareholders that are leading independent car parts distributors in multiple markets. Golsta is a member of Nexus since 08.2023

N! is represented in 139 countries with 135 members.

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Golsta E-Shop

Golsta innovative E-Shop allows our contractual customers to find the parts they need based on a registration plate number or vehicle identification number search. At the same time, it is possible to search for information using TecDoc’s global spare parts database, if the above information is not known. Orders consisting of found spare parts can be prepared and submitted easily, and offers can be prepared for customers. The new order centre also offers users a detailed overview of invoices, the status of orders, warehouse updates and much more.